Berry Good Chilli Chutney 'ERUPTION' is an extra hot version of our award winning, Berry Good Chill Chutney 'HOT',  delicious tasting chutney with a extra warmth for you chilli lovers!

This exquisite Chutney is made with Australian, Granny Smith Apples, a variety of Chillis, especially hot habanero chillies and Onions! There is 25% of chilli in each jar!

Berry Good Chilli Chutney 'ERUPTION' is also made with Malt Vinegar so is NOT Gluten Free

Try and Enjoy!    

Chilli Chutney 'ERUPTION'


    © 2019 Berry Good Jam and Chutney 

    100% all natural ingredients.


    Handmade jam, chutney and relish Brisbane Queensland. 

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